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Notice on Issuing the Implementation Plan for the Promotion and Development of Special Paper Industry in Suichang County

2018-07-09 09:52:26 jcadmin 42

About the Office of the People's Government of Suichang County

Notice of "Suichang County Special Paper Industry Promotion Development Plan"

All township (town) people's governments, sub-district offices, and units directly under the county government:

The "Suichang County Special Paper Industry Promotion and Development Implementation Plan" has been reviewed and approved by the 17th executive meeting of the county government, and is now issued to you. Please combine the actual situation and carefully follow the implementation.

Suichang County People's Government Office

    July 6, 2018

(This piece is publicly released)

Implementation Plan for Promotion and Development of Special Paper Industry in Suichang County

In order to further promote the improvement and development of the special paper industry in our county, extend and improve the special paper industry chain, and guide enterprise product development to the direction of deep processing and high value-added, combined with the actual situation of our county, this implementation plan is specially formulated.

1. Guiding ideology

Guided by the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the spirit of the Economic Meeting of the County Party Committee and the Conference of Cadres of the County is fully implemented. Adhere to the "market-oriented, enterprise-oriented, investment promotion approach, project as the starting point", actively play the role of government guidance and service, with "independent innovation, technological transformation, brand strategy, quality assistance, integration of the two, integrated development "As the focus of work, promote the development of special paper industry in our county into the track of branding, high-end, and green, achieve innovative, effective, intensive, ecological development, and strive to create a competitive advantage in the development of special paper industry in our county.

Second, the overall goal

The realization of the county's specialty paper industry as a whole shows a sound development trend, and the industrial structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading have made good progress. The status as an important foundation for the county's dominant traditional industry has been further consolidated. With the goal of making the special paper industry bigger and stronger and enhancing the core competitiveness of the industry, with the goal of reducing consumption, energy saving and emission reduction, and technological innovation, it will promote the optimization and upgrading of the industry and realize the transformation of the special paper industry from an element-oriented to a market-oriented The transformation of processing and manufacturing to supply chain management, channel management, product design, and brand management. By grasping the leader and expanding the scale, the company is encouraged to increase its product variety and grade; promote private capital to increase capital and expand production, gradually increase the total scale of the specialty paper industry, and promote industrial upgrading and agglomeration development. The annual output value of the special paper industry in our county: reach 900 million yuan in 2018 and exceed 2 billion yuan in 2020.

3. Main tasks

(1) Optimize the industrial structure and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise

1. Strengthen existing enterprises and implement industrial cultivation plans

With Kane Specialty Paper as the leader, promote the "1 leader + 5 improvement" industry cultivation plan. In 2020, there will be two new three board companies and one IPO listed company in the specialty paper industry.

Kane Specialty Paper. Founded in 1998, renamed "Zhejiang Kane Special Materials Co., Ltd." in 2002, the company successfully IPO in 2004, listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, a specialty paper company mainly producing electrical paper and fiber thin paper, 2017 The sales output value was 56.655 million yuan. With the goal of "creating a world-class R & D and production base for specialty paper", the company has formed a three-level project R & D system of "one production, one reserve, and one R & D" in technology research and development. In 2018, we must continue to increase R & D investment and strive to create a provincial key enterprise research institute; continue to strengthen and deepen the special paper industry, adding a special paper product project and a special paper pulp project, respectively. The output value in 2018 will reach 60 million yuan, and the output value in 2020 will strive to exceed 100 million yuan.

Xingchang New Materials. Founded in 2002, the New Third Board was listed in August 2016. The company is a special paper company that produces high-quality filter paper, desiccant paper, mask paper, double-sided tape base paper, wire and cable paper, gift paper, fruit bag paper and Xibo base paper in various specifications. The output value is 65.79 million yuan. In 2018, the production process will be further optimized, the industrial chain will be extended, the management level will be improved, and a special paper production line will be added. The output value is expected to reach 80 million yuan, and the output value in 2020 will reach 120 million yuan.

Chihe Technology. Founded in 2007, it is an integrated enterprise for the development, research and manufacture of leather pattern transfer film series products. It is also a professional manufacturer of artificial leather transfer film and PET release film based on chemical technology. The sales value in 2017 was 29.39 million yuan. In 2018, we must take advantage of the existing talent team to strengthen the research and development of leather transfer film technology and accelerate the transformation of research and development results into real productivity. It is expected to achieve an output value of 45 million yuan in 2018 and strive to reach 100 million yuan in 2020.

Huitong New Materials. Founded in 2007 and listed on the New Third Board in December 2015. The company is based on the production of wear-resistant paper, surface paper, coated base paper, double-sided tape base paper, medical tape base paper, gift paper, high-efficiency mildew paper, wire and cable paper, special cotton paper, electronic packaging paper, industrial separation paper and cotton paper In 2017, the sales value of specialty paper enterprises was 20.72 million yuan. In 2018, we will further strengthen the in-depth cooperation with Blue Biyuan Special Paper and improve the industrial chain. It is expected that the output value will reach 60 million yuan in 2018 and 120 million yuan in 2020.

Wangtai Special Paper. Founded in 2013, it is a specialty paper company mainly producing pattern transfer paper for synthetic leather, with a sales value of 24.25 million yuan in 2017. In 2018, it will further increase production input and improve production technology. It is expected that the output value will be 30 million yuan in 2018 and 60 million yuan in 2020.

Dadongding New Materials. Founded in 2015, it is a specialty paper company mainly producing polymer composite modified materials, special engineering plastic products and composite materials products, with a sales output value of 23.17 million yuan in 2017. A new production line will be added in 2018, with an expected annual output value of 45 million yuan, and 2020 output value of 100 million yuan.

Leading unit: County Industrial Park Management Committee, County Economic and Commercial Bureau

2. Introduce high-quality projects and train key enterprises

Use the existing basic advantages of the special paper industry in our county, increase investment attraction, introduce advanced production equipment and production processes, absorb advanced special paper production technology, develop new products, improve product grades, reduce consumption and increase enterprise economy benefit.

Cultivate and develop special paper backbone enterprises, and give priority protection to those enterprises that are included in the scope of cultivation in terms of electricity use, land use, and schooling of employees' children. Backbone enterprises drive the development of the entire industrial cluster and enhance the cohesiveness of advantageous traditional industrial clusters.

Leading unit: County Industrial Park Management Committee; Cooperating unit: County Investment Promotion Bureau, County Economic and Commercial Bureau

3. Start the construction of small and micro gardens to give full play to the industrial agglomeration effect

Strengthen the overall scientific planning, reasonably position the development direction of industrial clusters, and promote the development of industrial characteristics, differentiation and agglomeration. Start the construction of special paper small micro garden, select the site of Yanghao block in Dongcheng New District, and build a special paper small micro garden with a total scale of 300 acres (including 150 acres of land in the first phase) based on Ruichen New Material Project. The construction of small micro-parks adopts the following two models: First, carry out the investment promotion activities of special paper deep processing theme, introduce a batch of excellent special paper deep-processing projects, and centrally place them in special paper small micro-parks to enhance the agglomeration effect, enlarge the industrial cluster, and extend the industrial chain , To enhance the added value and competitiveness; the second is to copy the metal products industrial park model, introduce a company with strong comprehensive strength in the specialty paper industry, and under the premise that its own company is settled and dominates, through land transfer, project rental and sale Introduce the gathering of other similar enterprises in other ways to achieve the construction and improvement of the entire industrial chain of specialty paper. In 2018, three special paper deep-processing projects were attracted. By 2020, the construction of the first phase of a special paper small micro garden project with a scale of 150 mu and an annual output value of 40 million yuan will be basically completed.

Leading unit: County Industrial Park Management Committee, County Investment Promotion Bureau

(2) Optimize product structure and implement brand and trademark strategy

Deeply implement the strategy of brand-name drive, strengthen brand building, improve industry visibility and reputation, and enhance product added value.

1. Create a corporate trademark brand

In-depth enterprise precise service, create a good business environment. Strengthen the awareness of enterprises in cultivating brands, operating brands and striving for brand creation, establish and improve quality management systems, guide enterprise quality innovation, and improve brand reputation. Focus on advancing Zhejiang manufacturing brands, and complete a brand name product certification application in 2018 to achieve full coverage of trademark registration; at the end of 2020, strive for one or two brand name product certification and encourage guidance for the application of well-known trademarks.

Leading unit: County Market Supervision Bureau, County Economic and Commercial Bureau

2. Build a regional brand

Create regional brands, support enterprises to carry out planning, packaging and market operations, increase publicity and promotion, and improve the efficiency of trademark use. Encourage enterprises in the cluster to establish a standard alliance, create a development platform for the enterprises in the cluster, enhance industry cohesion and radiation, and transform characteristics into competitive advantages. Guide enterprises to actively connect with the “Belt and Road” strategy, further expand overseas markets, and improve corporate sales performance and profit levels.

Leading unit: County Economic and Commercial Bureau, County Market Supervision Bureau

3. Promote standard innovation construction

Implement "standardization +", promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and improve the standard voice of Suichang Special Paper Industry. In 2018, one or two national standards, industry standards, and Zhejiang manufacturing standards were completed, and at least one was released. Strive to be a pioneer in opening up strong provinces, actively integrate into the international market, and encourage Kane and other companies to participate in the annual meeting of the International Electrotechnical Commission Paper Branch. At the end of 2020, Suichang Specialty Paper won the international standard system revision project.

Lead unit: County Market Supervision Bureau

4. Promote the industrialization of intellectual property patents

Implement the intellectual property strategy, encourage patent technology transactions between enterprises, and actively promote the commercialization and industrialization of innovations with intellectual property rights. Strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, strengthen cooperation with the Intellectual Property Rights Assistance Center, and improve intellectual property information services.

Lead unit: County Science and Technology Bureau

(3) Optimize the technical structure and promote the integration of the two technologies

1. Increase technical innovation

Increase investment in technological transformation, introduce new equipment, new technologies, new processes, and new materials required for transformation and upgrading, especially special paper production equipment with high quality, high efficiency, automation, and high digitalization; promote the technological transformation of existing production equipment Organically combine with new technology and new materials to improve the level of equipment automation, improve industry labor productivity, and improve product quality. One new high-tech enterprise will be added in 2020.

Leading unit: County Economic and Commercial Bureau, County Science and Technology Bureau

2. Promote the integration of informatization and industrialization

Promote product development and manufacturing informatization. Accelerate the promotion of the digital transformation of papermaking production, and drive the improvement of productivity in the whole industry. Focus on the implementation of computer-aided research and development software and manufacturing process control management software, through information means to achieve the paper industry in terms of technology, process, performance, variety and other aspects of differentiated competition.

Lead unit: County Economic and Commercial Bureau

3. Improve corporate management

With the professional strength of enterprise management consulting companies, guide enterprises to introduce precision production, 5S on-site management and excellent performance management models, guide enterprises to carry out quality innovation activities such as QC teams, and improve and optimize design, materials, production, quality, finance, warehousing, logistics , Sales and after-sales management and other production and operation links, improve production management level and efficiency, reduce costs, material consumption and energy consumption, achieve modern production management goals, and then enhance corporate image, enhance market competitiveness, and gradually integrate with the international market To promote the benign development of the special paper industry in our county.

Leading unit: County Industrial Park Management Committee; Cooperating unit: County Economic and Commercial Bureau, County Market Supervision Bureau

4. Build and improve an innovative service platform

Create Suichang special paper industry technology innovation service platform in due course. Set up a special paper science and technology innovation management service center in the county industrial park, led by the center, based on the principle of "integration, sharing, innovation and service", unite relevant scientific research institutions and universities to create a special paper industry technology innovation service platform for our county Specialty paper companies provide information consultation, product development, energy saving and emission reduction, patent application, standard setting, analysis and testing, quality certification, talent training and other services to provide professional technical support and services for sustainable industrial development.

Make full use of the platform demonstration and leading role of Kane Provincial Enterprise Research Institute of Special Paper Industry, take advantage of the technical and talent advantages of scientific research institutes and universities with cooperative relations with enterprises, with enterprises as the main body, actively explore various forms of production The combination of study and research. Support qualified enterprises and scientific research institutions and universities to jointly build production, education and research bases; attract scientific research institutions and universities to enter enterprises in various forms, participate in technological transformation and technological development activities of enterprises, and accelerate the promotion and application of high and new technologies and applicable technologies in enterprises.

Leading unit: County Industrial Park Management Committee; Cooperating unit: County Science and Technology Bureau, County Economic and Commercial Bureau

5. Carry out quality research and assistance

Carry out quality diagnosis and treatment activities based on data such as regular supervision and random inspection, quality comparison and risk monitoring, and comprehensively analyze the quality problems and shortcomings of industrial products. By the end of 2018, two or three key quality indicators of one or two leading specialty products had significantly increased or decreased. By the end of 2020, the technical indicators of the special paper industry enterprises in the county will basically reach the international advanced level and domestic leading level.

Leading unit: County Market Supervision Bureau; Cooperating unit: County Science and Technology Bureau, County Economic and Commercial Bureau

4. Safeguards

(1) Strengthen organizational leadership

A special leading group for the improvement and development of special paper industry in our county was established to coordinate and coordinate the promotion of special paper industry in our county. Organizationally guarantee the implementation of the special paper industry promotion development plan, improve the development concept in thought, change the working method in the working method, strengthen the innovation drive, and strengthen the overall planning and guidance of policy planning. Each relevant department takes the initiative to act in accordance with the division of labor and is responsible for the organization and implementation of the relevant work of the department. If there is no clear cooperation unit in the plan or the cooperation department needs to be added, the lead unit shall coordinate and implement it.

(2) Increase policy support

1. Increase tax policy guidance and financial support

Implement and implement preferential policies that are conducive to promoting corporate technological progress, brand building, energy conservation and environmental protection and other related taxes, and enhance the sustainable development capacity of the company; set up a special fund for the development of special paper industry in our county, mainly used for research and development subsidies, industrialization projects Guidance funds, demonstration projects, and key technology research support for industrialization; further increase the support of government industry funds for special paper industry transformation and upgrading projects; for county governments that are included in national key projects and national engineering technology research centers, research and development platforms, and key laboratories Give financial support.

Leading unit: County Finance Bureau; Cooperating unit: County State Taxation Bureau, County Local Taxation Bureau

2. Increase support for land resources

When arranging industrial land plans, priority is given to meeting the land needs of special paper small micro-parks, leading enterprises and key public platform construction projects. Strengthen the overall planning, focus on ensuring the construction of special paper small micro-parks, and focus on introducing a group of excellent enterprises to form a modern small micro-park with reasonable layout, scientific management, ecological safety, and significant benefits.

Leading unit: County Land and Resources Bureau; Cooperating unit: County Construction Bureau, County Development and Reform Bureau

3. Promote the development of circular economy

Continue to implement relevant national preferential tax policies, encourage enterprises to carry out comprehensive utilization of resources such as waste water and waste gas, promote the trial of traditional industrial circular economy, and cultivate special paper industry resources comprehensive utilization and circular economy pilot enterprises. Build a batch of measures that are conducive to material reduction, recycling and improvement of environmental quality, and initially form a circular economy industrial chain and an industrial base that can effectively promote the development of regional circular economy. Within the industrial base

Of companies should meet the needs of industrial policies and the development of circular economy, and play a positive role in optimizing industrial structure and transforming economic growth mode.

Leading unit: County Economic and Commercial Bureau, County Environmental Protection Bureau

4. Strengthen the construction of talent team

Cultivate a group of high-level, high-skilled, high-quality management and technical personnel. Improve the introduction, training, incentives and service guarantee mechanism of management talents, professional technical talents and industrial workers. Adopting school-enterprise cooperation, order training and other methods to promote vocational education and continuing education, strengthen job skills training, carry out skills competitions, and encourage employees to master production technology to achieve job success.

Leading unit: Organization Department of County Party Committee; Cooperating unit: County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, County Education Bureau

5. This implementation plan will come into effect on August 10, 2018.

Copy: various departments of the county party committee, county people's congress standing committee, CPPCC office, county people's military department, county court, county procuratorate.

Suichang County People's Government Office Issued on July 9, 2018